Discover the Mid North Coast & Hinterland

From the mountains to the sea, there is no better way to explore the beauty of the Mid North Coast than by motorcycle…

We are always on a new adventure. Why not get the wind in your hair and come exploring with us!


Dusty is a brand new Ural Gear Up sidecar outfit. Fitted with 2 wheel drive, for those “dodgy” dirt tracks, she’s a rarity in Australia.
Dusty can carry one or two passengers, and is fitted with a large luggage rack, and an integral 70 Litre boot, so your baggage can be accommodated.

She also comes with a handy digging tool, in case the local tracks get a bit soft!


Swampy is a venerable Ural Tourist outfit we bought to fill in for Dusty, while she was held up by global logistics in Russia. We’ve decided to keep Swampy, as she’s a little “different”, and fun to ride.
Like Dusty, Swampy can also carry one or two passengers, and is fitted with a 110 Amp hour battery, so is useful for running lights, camping fridge, etc, for those who enjoy camping.
While parked up for scenic views, we can also brew up a tea or coffee for you, using a gas stove.